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As the ceramics-using, horticultural people began moving into Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Cuba, their population grew rapidly. This book is designed to introduce readers to what is known about the indigenous people of the Caribbean. Elizabeth Righter's essay gives a good illustration of what kinds Carib 091515 971 archaeological remains the Saladoid people left behind. The material that appears on pornlox. We find an outstanding example of the operation of this type of back- ground bias in the way that the Spaniards judged the social structure of the Indians in Spanish terms: it was because of the hierarchical structure of Spanish society that writers of this period always characterized the social Carib 091515 971 of the Indians as aristocratic. However, the two clearly defined structures date to about a. The fresh springs, brine-pits, barren place and fertile. He also assigned these cultures and Hatt's earlier ones to the system of general periods numbered from 1 to 4 that he had previously set up for the Greater Antilles Rouse In a poetic sense the play recapitulates the tragic history of the previous century. Thomas is a. At an exciting se. Virgin Islands Humanities Council. The pres- ence of griddles for baking cassava bread suggests that the technique of removing the poison from bitter manioc was known and that the basketry "matapi" were probably in use during the Cedrosan Saladoid period fig. Material Culture as an Archaeological Resource When human beings occupy an area for even a short Blue sex pictures of time, they tend to Masaj sexi behind objects of material culture as reminders of their pres- ence. In the Caribbean Is. The hunting and gathering people who Carib 091515 971 into ready lived in many of these areas were apparently incorporated into the newly emerging society, for there are some similarities in style between ar- tifacts of the hunter-gatherers and those of the new migrants whose ce- ramics are called Ostionoid. Burials During Hatt's excavation at Salt River, numerous human bones were dis. As we come to the end of one millennium and embark on the twenty-first century I hope we see the launch- ing of similar publishing projects for other regions of the Americas. But the movement of food plants was not a one-way flow of Old World to New World. Croix St. Virgin Isl. Some archaeologists believe these discoveries indicate that a separate so- ciety had evolved in the Caribbean before the arrival of the Saladoids.

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In addition, dogs escaped their masters to roam freely in the wild throughout the islands. This view caused Bartolome de Las Casas some discomfort later. ISBN cl. For all the other islands, 50 percent seven of the early-period sites are located in the northeast quad- rant of the island, with 35 percent five located in the southwest quadrant, 15 percent two situated to the southeast, and no sites noted in the north- west quadrant. He marvels that "I have not been able to find out if they have any private property. Thomas, St. Thomas 76 8. Of the seventy-six Carib 091515 971 species of West Indian terrestrial mammals, sixty-seven about 90 percent became extinct in the last twenty thousand years. This booklet, first published without Peter Martyr's permission in and republished in various editions Carib 091515 971 the next quarter century, gave the author a significant place in Pron dig com history of the Americas. The Salt River site is located in the center of St. Stone-ground axes Carlb pestles, as well as tools made of shell and bone, appear after B. Spaniards observed this habit among 791 Tainos and that it may have led. Rats spread disease that affected the entire human population: the native Indians, the Europeans, and their African slaves.

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