Create a Data or Mp3 CD/DVD

Create a Data File or Mp3 CD/DVD

This trick provides information how to create a data or Mp3 CD/DVD. Creating (or sometimes called "burning") a CD/DVD with just regular files and folder (or "data") is simple and can be done with any burning program.

The method to create an MP3 CD/DVD is actually the same as for data CD/DVD since the mp3 files are considered as normal PC files. So you can follow the steps on this page to create an Mp3 CD.

Detailed Steps

The following sample instructions use Free Easy CD/DVD Burner v1.2. This is a free burning tool with advertising supported, but no spyware or adware. You can download this program from Softpedia, or v4.2 here

  1. If you have not installed a burning program, download the tool above and install it. Make sure you reboot after the installation.
  2. Insert a blank CD/DVD.
  3. Open the Free Easy CD DVD Burner program.
  4. Click on the "Data CD DVD" button on the top.

  5. If you wish to add a folder to the CD, click on the "Add folder to project" under the "Action" menu on the left. This will add the folder AND all its subfolders and files. Or if you wish to add individual files to the CD, click on the "Add files to project"

  6. For folders, the window "Browse for folder" opens. For files, the window "Select your files" opens. Browse to and select the folder/files you want to add and click "OK" or "Open".

  7. The main screen of Free Easy CD/DVD Burner program comes back with the new folder/files added.

  8. Repeat with all folders/files you wish to add.

  9. Once you're done adding all the files and folders. Click on the link "Burn".

  10. The burning process starts and takes a few minutes depending on the size of files/folders you select and the speed of your burner.

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